Yorkshire Square Brewing Company – Torrance CA

Yorkshire Square Brewing Company is in Torrance right near Monkish brewing and serves a different clientele so hopefully they can both do well despite being so close together. They have a focus on English style beers primarily served on cask. They offer flights using the 10oz glass so that you can try four without ordering a full pour of any of them. The tasting room is a good size and has plenty of seating and regularly visited by a food-truck.

The traditional bitter was lightly toasty with a lingering bitterness, notes of herbal hops and acorn. It was a solid beer though not really my style. The dark mild was delicious with notes of roasted malt, light coffee, and a hint of molasses. It is a lighter take on a porter or a stout yet easy to drink a pint because of its low alcohol. The dark mild had a good medium body and a dark amber color.

The ESB was tasty with notes of plum, mild floral hops, and hints of candied apricot. It was good and balanced without being too bitter. The Imperial Bitter was a bit stronger than I thought I was ordering when I saw it. I figured it might be 5% but it was closer to 8%. To me it seemed like a slightly weaker version of a barleywine. It was caramel forward with prominent herbal hops, notes of raisins, and a sticky sweet finish.

The golden ale was nicely balanced with notes of floral hops and a good dry finish without being too bitter. The oatmeal stout was nice and chewy with notes of chocolate and raisins. A solid balanced stout. If you happen to be in the Torrance area and aren’t feeling like drinking classic West Coast style beers, Yorkshire is a great spot to stop in for an English style beer or two. They said they were also quite packed during a few of the world-cup games.

Top 2:
Dark Mild

Paul McGuire

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